100 Kellogg Lane: Historic Venue, Immersive Culture, Future Unveiled!

100 Kellogg Lane is a historic building and world-class venue as it disrupts traditional notions of shopping, dining, working, and leisure with immersive experiences. It propels its visitors into an exciting contemporary realm filled with culture.

100 Kellogg Lane invites you to explore its diverse offerings, ensuring there’s always something unique to discover. The venue is home to various businesses, each contributing to its vibrant atmosphere. Among the standout attractions are The Next Level VR, an immersive virtual reality experience; Powerhouse Brewing Company, a local brewery boasting a variety of craft beers; The Factory, Canada’s largest indoor family entertainment center with the world’s most extensive indoor ropes course; and The Club House, a state-of-the-art indoor sports, dining, and lounge experience set against Canada’s immersive great outdoors.

Adding to its allure, 100 Kellogg Lane hosts various events, such as the annual Art Comp, Oktober Fall Fest, and the Merry Market. These events bring the community together and showcase the venue’s commitment to providing diverse and engaging experiences.

100 Kellogg Lane forges an exciting partnership with Hard Rock Hotels, setting the stage for future developments. The team is currently planning the construction of a 353-room hotel that will unfold in two phases. The first phase, boasting 163 rooms, welcomed guests in late 2022; however, they anticipate completing the final site by 2025. Undoubtedly, this expansion will propel 100 Kellogg Lane to unprecedented heights: it promises visitors an even more comprehensive and dynamic destination.

100 Kellogg Lane symbolizes London, Ontario’s entertainment landscape. The venue offers diverse attractions and firmly commits to engaging with the community; this dedication has established its beloved status among locals and visitors. Promising an experience that surpasses the mundane, 100 Kellogg Lane impressively leaves its historic mark on all who enter it.