15 Cheap Date Ideas

London may be a small town, but it still has lots to offer. From hot air balloon rides to drive in movies. Check out these 15 exciting date ideas near the University of Western Ontario!

1.  Spend the night enjoying all that Fleetway has to offer.

Fleetway is the perfect date location that you can go to time and time again. It doesn’t only have bowling, but mini golf, rock climbing, a games room and billiard. You are sure to have a fun time together with all the fun options available!

2. Show off your skating moves in Victoria Park.

Victoria park is in a super convenient location since it is in the middle of downtown, just off richmond street. There is a super cute rink perfect for skating around with your date while holding hands and chatting.

3. Fill up your cup withe endless toppings at Chil.

Chil is another date location on Richmond row with dozens of flavors of frozen yogurt and even more topping options! It’s a great place to share a sweet snack and get to know one another!

4. Take a relaxing and scenic walk through Springbank Park.

Springbank park is a beautiful location just south of downtown with a scenic trail along the Thames river. Enjoy the nature, relax by the water or even get active and go for a run together!

5. Wander around Covent Garden Market and check out the cool vendors.

Covent Gardens is the perfect place to try new food, check out unique stores and get lost in everything there is to see! You wont leave here hungry or unsatisfied because the market has something for everyone!

6. Test out your problem solving skills at the Escape Room.

London Escape Room is a great date option for couples who enjoy mystery and problem solving. You are given 1 hour to uncover hidden mysteries within and find your path to survival to escape!

7. Go on an adventurous hot air balloon ride with Sundance balloons.

Believe it or not, there is a hot air balloon company just outside of London that offers scenic aerial trips of the city and countryside! It’s a fun and creative date idea that will leave you with lasting memories.

8. Show off your competitive while playing board games at Cardboard Cafe.

The cute little cafe just off of Richmond has a multitude of classic and unique boardgames to choose from and play while you sip on coffee or enjoy a yummy snack. Learn a new game or beat your partner in your favorite childhood game. It is sure to be a fun time!

9. Bring out your inner child at Laser Quest.

Who didn’t love Laser tag as a kid? Enjoy your time together while playing a fun round of glow in the dark laser tag and get your competitive side on.

10. Enjoy a delicious meal together at Prince Alberts.

Prince Albert’s has a super fun 60’s diner so it is the perfect place to grab a burger or share a milkshake! Its super convenient location on Richmond is perfect for Wester students to get to so you’ll want to go all the time.

11. Shred the slopes together at Boler Mountain.

Just outside of London is a small ski hill where you can embrace the outdoors all year! You can ski, snowboard or go tubing in the winter and in the summer it’s possible to go mountain biking or enjoy the high ropes course. Being active together will bring you even closer!

12. Enjoy the art at Museum London.

London may not be home to a multitude of museums like Toronto, but it does have an art and history museum which is a really different place for Western students to go on a date! It’s a great place to go on a date, even if you aren’t artistic!

13. Explore your creativity together while painting pottery.

Speaking art, practice your painting skills at Color Me Mine where you get to decorate cute ceramic figures or mugs. Paint something for yourself or give your creations to one another as a fun gift!

14. Change up the classic movie date with a drive in movie.

Dates at the movie theatre can get boring after a while so why not check out the latest movies at Mustang Drive In? Cozy up in your car and watch a fun flick together.

15. Indulge in a sweet treat together at Merla Mae Ice cream.

Merla Mae is known for it’s classic and delicious ice cream. Enjoy each others company or each others ice cream at this fun date spot that has been around for 60 years!