24 Hours In London

If you’re only in London for a short time, make the most of your visit with this guide!

8:00 AM – Cora

Start off with a hearty breakfast at Cora’s so that you have the energy to get through the day.  Cora serves all sorts of delicious meals, including crepes, waffles, and french toast!  The banana waffle is topped with fresh fruit and caramel, or opt for decadent chocolate pancakes served with bananas and custard.

9:00 AM – Museum London

Learn about the history of London in the museum, with exhibits covering topics from nursing to art.  London has a rich history, particularly in the arts, so you’ll see plenty of beautiful pieces to admire.

12:00 PM – The Works Burgers

Stop at The Works for lunch.  The Tragically Maple burger features maple bacon, bacon jam, and cheese curds, but the adventurous will want the Hunka Hunka – it seems like an odd combination, but peanut butter and banana really works on a burger!  Pair it with a side of Poutini Martini fries and a caramel-peanut butter shake.

1:00 PM – St Peter’s Cathedral

This French Gothic cathedral is stunningly beautiful between the complex architecture and the intricate frescoes.  It was originally built in the 1800s and is still used for Mass and other Catholic functions.

2:00 PM – Victoria Park

Victoria Park is a popular locale for London events, but it’s also just a lovely and calming place to walk through.  You can take a paddleboat out on the lake during summer or go ice-skating in the winter.

3:30 PM – The Factory

Time to have some fun!  The Factory is an extensive indoor amusement park with ziplines, trampolines, arcade games, and escape rooms.  Test your wits in the escape room and pretend to be a ninja on the Warrior Course.

6:00 PM – Black Trumpet

Head to Black Trumpet for a delicious, upscale dinner.  Their berbere spiced tuna is perfectly seared and served with a spicy wasabi cream, or try the mushroom-truffle saccheti pasta in a gorgonzola cream sauce.  This is a great restaurant to try things you’ve never tried before.

8:00 PM – Shraim’s

Don’t overeat at dinner because you definitely want to pick up dessert from Shraim’s.  Order one of their decadent, over-the-top crepes or a piece of rich chocolate cake.  Everything here is mouth-wateringly delicious.

9:00 PM – London Wine Bar

Finish the day enjoying a glass of red at the London Wine Bar.  The lounge is relaxing, making this a great place to unwind, and their wide selection of wines means you can try a new blend or find an old favorite!

Enjoy your trip to London, no matter how long you’re in town!