Best Breakfast Restaurants in London Ontario

London, Ontario is known for many things such as its amazing parks, vibrant culture, and the Thames river. This makes it easy to overlook the outstanding food scene that lives in the city as well. The following is a list of some of the best quality breakfast restaurants in London.

The Early Bird

Website | (519) 439-6483

355 Talbot Street London, ON N6A 2R5 Canada

The Early Bird is a small independent restaurant that mainly focuses on using fresh, local ingredients to provide high quality, made-to-order plates to their customers. All of their proteins are prepared in house through different methods of curing, smoking and grinding. Additionally, they have fresh products delivered daily to avoid using anything frozen or processed. 

The most popular dishes at this fine diner are the French Toast, Fat Elvis, and Pancake Stacker, but their menu is extensive, so there are options for everyone. While you enjoy your delicious breakfast you can also soak in the amazing ambience, with artistic decor, people laughing and chatting, and a great staff providing you with top notch service.

This spot is open from 8 am to 3 pm and is known to get busy, so keep that in mind when deciding to swing by but as they say good food comes to those who wait.

Southside Grill

Website | (519) 649-4066

794 Exeter Road London, ON N6E 1L5 Canada

At Southside Grill, great food, a casual atmosphere and a friendly, knowledgeable staff are where they put the strongest emphasis. Here you can experience their comfortable dining area and fun atmosphere. They also have a party room with a bar and televisions inside, that is the perfect place to bring a big group to get amazing food.

Everyone agrees that you can’t go wrong with almost any of their menu options but the Super Duper, Greek Omelet, and .Greek Skillet are fan favorites. Breakfast hours are from 7 am to 11 am, Monday thru Friday, as well as 7 am to 2 pm on the weekends but for only $1 you can get breakfast at any time.

Serving the community since 2003, stop by Southside Grill for portions that are always generous and their hearty plates are sure to start your day off right.

Edgar + Joe’s Cafe

Website  | (519) 645-0900

255 Horton Street London, ON N6B 1L1 Canada

Edgar and Joe’s Cafe is a gathering space and food operation in London, Ontario that is a social-purpose enterprise of Goodwill Industries. There are two locations, with one in the SoHo district and the other at Innovation Works  in Downtown London.

They make fresh, local food at affordable prices with healthy choices from a wide variety of foods made from scratch with locally sourced ingredients. Their Classic Breakfast, Eggs Benny, and Scrambled Mess are reliably the best on the menu when you are in the mood for a great breakfast.

This spot doesn’t have the most extensive menu as far as number of choices, but they make up for that in the sheer quality of the options they do have, with expert execution of breakfast classics.

Spare Parts Diner

Website | (519) 601-2200

63 Clarke Road London, ON N5W 5Y2 Canada

Spare Parts Diner is operated by owners Matt and Kristin, a husband and wife team that are self-proclaimed ‘food mechanics.’ Their philosophy is to solve any and all hunger problems in East London for old and new customers alike. Their main focus is to bring homemade comfort food that brings people together.

This small diner brings over 20 options just for breakfast, all available 7 days a week. Their signature breakfast dishes are The Tune Up, Peameal Benny, Bacon Skillet, but everyone seems to agree that you can’t go wrong when ordering from the Food Mechanics.

Spare Parts Diner is a place to get food made with love and comes highly recommended by all the regulars, if you are in London you have to try this place out.