Best Museums in London

Whether you want to dive into iconic cultural history or visit hands-on interactive exhibitions, Southwestern Ontario -specifically London- is the place to look. This city is full of museums and galleries to explore, but let’s look at the best London museums. 

The London’s Children Museum

Website | 21 Wharncliffe Rd S, London, ON N6J 4G5 | +1 519-434-5726

This museum provides all age visitors extraordinary hands-on learning activities and experiences in a unique child-centered environment. Exhibits and stimulating activities allow them to explore London’s history and heritage, investigate science and social relationships’ complexities, and celebrate London’s beautiful culture. This museum helps kids play their way to a life of creative discovery and innovation and to indulge their imagination and curiosity.

Museum London

Website | 421 Ridout Street North London, Ontario N6A 5H4 | 519-661-0333

Southwestern Ontario’s main establishment for collecting and preserving visual art and cultural material. Located in the building’s heart, there’s one of the most essential Canadian art collections and one of Ontario’s most significant historical artifact collections. Museum London’s art collection has over 5000 regional and Canadian works and over 45000 artifacts that reflect the City of London’s history as an important urban center in Southwestern Ontario.

Jonathon Bancroft-Snell Gallery

Website | 258 Dundas St, London, ON N6A 1H3 | +1 519-434-5443

Established in 2000, This recognized gallery displays over 125 of Canada’s top ceramic artist’s talents, and it has evolved for ceramic collectors into a Mecca. This gallery features works of fiber artist Nancy Latchford, bronze sculptor George Shadford, and woodturner Doug Magrath, Canada’s leading silversmiths selection. Jonathan Bancroft-Snell Gallery’s mission is to provide a comprehensive nationwide representation of Canadian ceramics.

The Secrets of Radar Museum

Website | 2155b Crumlin Sideroad, London, ON N5V 3Z9 | +1 519-691-5922

Located near London’s International Airport in 2155b Crumlin Sideroad, this small non-profit museum opened its doors in 2003. The Secrets Radar Museum’s purpose is to tell the story of over 6,000 recruited Canadian World War II veterans involved in a top-secret radar project. Drawn from their day-to-day life and sent around the world, these veterans were held till 1991 to an Oath of Secrecy.

Eldon House

Website | 481 Rideout Street North London, ON N6A 2PC | +1 519-661-5922

This historic site in downtown London has been maintained and preserved since 1960 when the family donated it to the City of London. The museum tours are self-guided and provide the opportunity to learn about the past life of -mainly- the Harris Family and the City of London from staff and panels throughout the iconic and historic home.