Birding London Ontario

BirdingNeed a fun, new, relaxing activity? Why not try birding? Birding, also known as bird watching, may not be a sport you will see at the next summer Olympics but it is one that will help you connect with the outdoors and enjoy fresh air. Many find birding relaxing and addicting which is why it has become a popular new pastime especially in the Ontario area. With a yearly influx of regulars and a good number of new visitors, you are sure to spot a few fascinating birds.

Springbank Park is a perfect opportunity to catch a glimpse at a number of beautiful and interesting birds. Take a long walk or sit on a park bench and just enjoy being outdoors. Pack a picnic lunch and bring a thermos of hot cocoa to sip on while you watch for a new species or just enjoy watching some of the regulars to the area. Highland Woods is another area nearby that also gives you ample opportunity to spot a few new birds to the area.

Visiting with friends who would rather head to a pub? Try a bird watching tour. There are several in the area that will help you find the hot spots in London and are happy to accommodate smaller groups. Get a knowledgeable guide and an afternoon of fun.