Enjoy A Beer At These Hot Breweries!

London is home to a number of excellent breweries – try a new blend and take a tour while you’re in town!

Toboggan Brewing

Named for London’s tobogganing heritage, the brewery focuses on small-batch beer, a friendly atmosphere, and delicious food with local ingredients to share with friends – old and new.  Their offerings range from typical ales to seasonal blends and even some special-edition, one-time-only options.  The Blackfriars Bridge Stout features rich notes of chocolate, but during the summer, opt for the Climate Change Summer Wheat, a light and refreshing brew with hints of citrus that will keep you cool in the heat.

Storm Stayed

This is a great place to visit for beer lovers, who seek out top quality, classic flavors.  In Flux is a lovely and bright pale ale that’s perfect for enjoying outside during the summer, whereas for those seeking something a bit darker, Patina, a red ale, has rich notes of caramel that make it the perfect accompaniment for a slice of warm pie.

Curley Brewing 

Curley is a nano brewery, so the selection may be much smaller than other companies, but the quality remains high.  Generally, they have six brews available, but your best bet is one of their flights, where you can try a variety of flavors.

Forked River Brewing Company

Founded by two biologists and an engineer who decided to turn their love of home-brewing into a second career, Forked River has an enthusiasm for producing microbrews that please even the pickiest of palettes.  Their Riptide pale ale is bursting with flavor, or try the Full City coffee porter, featuring notes of chocolate and dark coffee beans.

London features some amazing breweries, so stop in for a beer and a tour!