Hiking in Ontario

You’ll be surprised by how many hikes there are near your London, Ontario hotel. It might be a bustling metro, but from urban hikes to mood walks in nature, there are options for every whim, ability and age. Ausable River Cut Trail is 1.5km in length, and also a popular spot for kayaking, cycling and cross-country skiing. Abes and Essens trails spread up to 17km in length, and is also a favored campground for those looking to escape the bustle of Ontario.


For serious hikers, Algonquin Adirondack Trail is an expansive 106km option with a number of paths, roads and options. The Alfred Bog Walk trail is an accessible, short yet beautiful half a kilometer hike perfect for families with young children or anyone looking for a unique photo opportunity in the London area.

Take a Hike!

At Beaver Meadow Trail, you’ll find a 5.8km hike where snowshoeing and skiing also happens in the winter months. For those who are new to hiking or want to quickly learn new terrain, the Hike Ontario organization offers guided hikes, training classes, group hikes, and more. It’s a great way to meet fellow hikers or instantly feel like you’re at home along the Ontario trails.

Try the Beach Trail at Rouge Park, a simple 1km hike designed to introduce you to the gorgeous region (all while keeping you close to the water for boating, swimming and other water sports!). No matter which trail you choose, be it guided or solo, rest easy knowing that the hotel’s convenient location makes accessing trails a breeze. Discover London in a whole new way, one step at a time.