Indoor activities in London

London’s weather can get rainy, cold, and even dreary for some people, so most new people will assume there are few areas or activities available. These fun places are great London attractions whether it is raining, shining, or snowing. This article lists the best indoor recreational places in London for you to visit.


Formally established in 1845, this market is one of London’s most treasured cultural landmarks. Covent Market is a center of urban and rural exchange where farm-fresh, wholesome quality can be found any day of the year. This place has the best selection of organic foods, ethnic foods, award-winning meats, and the most extensive assortment of cheese in Southwestern Ontario. 


This place is located in a prime spot and offers an authentic, premium, real-life escape room experience! Up to 6-8 players will be challenged as a team in this unique attraction by working together to find clues, solve puzzles, pick locks and try to escape the room. There are over five different themes to test the teams, including one of Scooby Doo.


Nothing tops a long day than an ice-cold Labatt’s brew. Thankfully, London is home to the best-known Labatt brewery, providing its visitors with easy access to award-winning beer. Labatt Brewery also offers tours of Labbat’s hometown brewery and showcases how great Canadian beer is made. The tour lasts around 2 hours and includes sampling throughout the full guided brewery tour. Tours are available year-round but must be booked in advance through email or phone calls.


The London Children’s Museum provides all age visitors with unique hands-on learning activities and experiences in a fun, child-centered environment. Exhibits and stimulating activities allow the visitors to explore London’s heritage and history, investigate science and social relationships’ complexities, and celebrate London’s art and culture. This museum helps kids play their way of creative discovery and innovation and to indulge their imagination.