Jet Aircraft Museum

Jet Aircraft MuseumLondon’s Jet Aircraft Museum is one of the finer attractions London has to offer. Established in 2009, this high flying experience is one that should not be missed. Featuring many of Canada’s aviation forces history and artifacts, kids and adults alike will enjoy this impressive collection of exhibits.

Located at London’s International Airport, the Jet Aircraft Museum holds an enormous amount of history. Displaying a number of interesting, amazing and unique jets and interactive flight simulations it is enough to the get inner pilot inside of you ready for the skies.

The Jet Aircraft Museum is the only aviation museum that is dedicated to the restoration as well as the flying of Canadian jet aircraft as well as other Cold War jets. It is also the only location in Canada where you can take a flight in one of the jets. Book a flight and enjoy a fast paced, high altitude, adrenaline pumping experience.

The Jet Aircraft Museum offers a number of events throughout the year ranging from specific aircraft performances to large air shows. Take a look at the event calendar and the museum hours at the Jet Aircraft Museum website.