London Has Much Fun and Experience To Offer!

London is a small city that is surrounded by farmlands and woodlands which gained its name as “The Forest City”. That is because before it was formed, it was done by clearing the land in the middle of a forest. And now, London is made up of commercial and residential areas. It has plenty of attractions and landmarks which give the tourists a variety of things to do. Here are some of the things that you can try when you visit.

Have Fun at an Event

Throughout the year, London has been hosting numerous festival events and that depends on what City you are in. Sunfest is one of them, this festival takes place every July at Victoria Park and it is the World’s second-largest music event. Aside from the great live music, this festival also offers some mouthwatering food that is from various parts of the world. 


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Take a Tour of a Brewery

Labatt is the largest brewery in Canada. Its headquarters is located in London. They are offering tours all year and the entire tour takes 2 hours to complete. If you are planning to take a tour, you must book in advance and for an easy booking, you can book via email. Everyone who is of legal age can participate in the tour and during the tour; you can have a taste of the beer samples. 

Explore Covent Garden Market

Covent Garden Market is a London treasure. This market is a landmark that is filled with stalls that sell fresh fruits, meats and vegetables. Aside from that, there are also bakeries, restaurants, bars and delis in Covent Garden Market. Come and buy flowers, local handicrafts and chocolates as well! And to perfectly end your day, have a massage.