London Take-Out Options To Consider

Whether it’s due to a pandemic or just a long day, sometimes you need take-out and a relaxing evening in – these restaurants can fulfill that need!

London Take-Out Options To Consider


This hot Italian restaurant has some amazing options for take-out.  Start with an appetizer of eggplant parmesan, then dig into a bowl of linguini di mare, served in a light white wine sauce.  Vegetarians will love the earthy mushroom risotto as an alternate option.  Don’t skip their award-winning tiramisu for dessert!

Los Comales

Enjoy spicy Latin American cuisine from Los Comales, including empanadas and pupusas, tacos and chimichangas, and paella and encebollado.  You may want to get a combination plate, where you can sample a variety of the available dishes, and pair it with one of their freshly made horchata beverages.  Finish with churros or a plantain ice cream sundae.

Smoke’s Poutinerie

Poutine is a Canadian classic comfort food that’s perfect to dig into for a chill dinner, so drop by Smoke’s to pick it up.  Their varied menu includes options such as traditional cheese curds and gravy or fries topped with fried chicken, barbecue sauce, egg, and scallions.  With over 25 options, you’re sure to find something that sounds good.

Michael’s on the Thames

If you’re looking for date night dinner in, Michael’s is the place to call.  Their upscale food is always a treat, and curbside pickup means it couldn’t be easier to stop by.  Try their arancini appetizer, served with a bright pesto aioli, then have their prime rib, slow roasted until perfectly tender.  Finish with a light blackberry lemon cake.

There’s no need to be limited to fast food just because you’re not eating out – dine in with these great options!