Medway Valley Heritage Forest


Discovery a natural paradise just a short drive from your London hotel. Perfect for bird watching and hiking the numerous winding trails, Medway Valley Heritage Forest is an Ontario gem. The heavily wooded space is considered an “environmentally significant area,” and it’s tucked into north London between Windermere and Sunningdale. It encompasses 129 hectares featuring swamps, forests, and marshes.

Medway Creek is up to 25 metres deep in some areas. However, most visitors flock to the park for its hiking trail system. Major access points include Elsie Perrin Williams Estate and the Museum of Ontario Archaeology. Explore just over 10 kilometres of trails on both sides of Medway Creek. Some areas include challenging, steep climbs, so come prepared.

Blazes of Glory

Spring is the perfect time for a hike at Medway with flowers in blossom and wildlife thriving. The trails are well managed and include a number of small stairwells and bridges to help with wet, steep areas. However, if it’s rained recently, practice extra caution.

The area was inhabited by indigenous people for thousands of years. Just over 500 years ago, the Attawandaron village stood where the current museum was erected. You can still see evidence of past populations throughout the park, including how the Medway Valley was created via glacial meltwater.

What will you discover?