Play The Day Away In London

Play your way through London by visiting these fun arcades!

Play The Day Away In London

Dreamland VR

Experience virtual reality on the biggest scale you’ve ever seen.  Dreamland VR turns the entire facility into the game, with full body tracking and 4D effects.  Whether you like shooting games, horror, or simulation, you’ll find multiple titles you’re interested in from their extensive library, and you’ll have the option to play alone or with friends and family.

The Next Level / The Factory

Another virtual reality arcade, Next Level has 22 gaming pods for you to enjoy use of their HTC Vive headsets and dozens of games.  Big-screen televisions let you watch as others in your group play, so that you can see what they’re seeing.  Next Level is located in The Factory, which means you’ll also have access to all of the fun there, including ziplines, classic arcade games, and escape rooms.

The Cardboard Cafe

People just don’t play enough board games anymore, but The Cardboard Cafe aims to change that.  Sit down with a cup of coffee or a glass of wine and play a game from the hundreds of options on the shelves.  It’s the perfect nostalgic opportunity for a quiet, rainy afternoon.

Have fun with great games in London!