Discover Pub Milos: Craft Beer Haven in London, Ontario

Pub Milos has become a beloved local establishment in London, Ontario, renowned for its outstanding craft beer selection and delectable seasonal fare. Conveniently located at 420 Talbot St, this establishment opens its doors from the afternoon into the evening, ensuring accessibility for both regular patrons and newcomers.

What distinguishes Pub Milos is its unwavering commitment to showcasing the finest offerings from Ontario’s craft breweries and procuring rare beers from distant locales. The culinary philosophy revolves around “made-to-order” methods and daily deliveries of fresh, non-frozen, and non-processed ingredients.

The menu at Pub Milos is an embodiment of excellence, featuring a meticulously curated draught list that highlights the best offerings from Ontario’s independent breweries. Complementing this, a bottle list boasts rare finds and timeless classics. The pub’s inclusivity is noteworthy, offering a thoughtfully crafted vegan menu and accommodating various dietary preferences.

Beyond being a culinary haven, Pub Milos has evolved into a dynamic community hub, evidenced by its robust online presence on Facebook. This establishment has successfully fostered a sense of community, attracting locals and visitors alike who converge to savor both exceptional food and a diverse selection of beers.

Online reviews echo patrons’ enthusiasm and affection for Pub Milos, which attests to the establishment’s dedication to consistently exceeding customer expectations and delivering a top-tier experience.

Pub Milos transcends the conventional pub experience, offering a harmonious blend of culinary excellence, community spirit, and a distinctive dining encounter. Whether you’re a regular seeking a familiar spot or a traveler keen to explore London, Ontario’s food and beverage landscape, visiting Pub Milos is an unforgettable experience.

420 Talbot St, London, ON N6A 2S2, Canada | +1 519-601-4447 |