Quick Halloween Costume Ideas

Halloween costume ideasaysNeed a few quick and easy Halloween costume ideas? Look no further, we have a few right here for you that are sure to get a few looks and maybe extra treats plus you won’t be out a lot of money.

Jellyfish: All you need is a white or clear umbrella, bubble wrap cut into strips, white ribbon and/or string. Attach string, ribbon and/or bubble wrap to the edges of the umbrella so they hang down and you have yourself a floating jellyfish.

Ghost: While it’s not original, it is a staple for Halloween. Find an old white sheet or buy a cheap one from WalMart, Target or a thrift store. Cut out holes for the eyes and you have a cheap, comfortable costume.

Lumberjack: You should have most of this in your closet at home: Jeans, flannel shirt, boots and a beanie. Just pick up a pair of suspenders but be careful about carrying around an ax!

Medusa: Throw on your most comfortable black pants and shirt, put your hair in a bun and stop by your nearest toy store for a few toy snakes. Bobby pin the snakes in your hair before heading to your Halloween party. How easy is that!?

Cactus: Wouldn’t everyone love to wear sweats for their Halloween costume? Green sweat pants and hoodie along with white pipe cleaners is all you need. Cut the pipe cleaners in half, bend in the shape of a ‘V’ and glue, pin or sew all over the sweats and hoodie and you are a saguaro cactus.