The Royal Canadian Regiment Museum


Royal Canadian Regiment MuseumThe Royal Canadian Regiment Museum, located at Wolseley Barracks, is the historic home of the Royal Canadian Regiment. Turned military museum, this historical building has so much to offer visitors in the form of history, education and awe.

Artifacts displayed in the museum range from the regiment’s activities beginning with the Yukon Gold Rush all the way to current day work in Afghanistan. Various items such as pictures, books, collections of documents, and military artifacts dating back to 1833 are housed in the museum. Displays include dress, weapons and various customs of the regiments throughout the years.

Some of the many significant items on display include a wooden cross from Flanders Fields, a replication of a World War I trench and an exact replica of a scarf hand knitted by Queen Victoria, one of eight that she made during the Second Boer War. Outside the museum you will find military and artillery vehicles. A universal Carrier and a Lynx reconnaissance vehicle are just to name a few.

Take an afternoon to stroll through the Royal Canadian Regiment Museum and take in all of the history that it holds. From old military artifacts to medals to pictures, there is something of interest for the young and the old. Visit The Royal Canadian Regiment Museum website for more information, hours and rates.