Safety Tips for Halloween

Safety Tips for HalloweenDon’t ruin your fun time with an accident. Here are a few safety tips for Halloween to keep you safe and help you enjoy the fun.

  1. Always travel in groups. Going out alone is asking for trouble. Make sure you have at least one buddy with you at all times and let others know where you are going.
  2. Carry a flashlight. It is hard to see in the dark and you want to avoid tripping over anything that may be in your way. Flashlights also help drivers to see you. Glow sticks are an alternative.
  3. Never enter a home or a car for a treat!
  4. Parents, if your older children head out without an adult, be sure to go over the route they are going to take before they leave. It is also a good idea to have a set time for them to check in with you and to be home for the evening.
  5. Kids, if you are going to be out later than expected, check in with your parents and let them know your location and your expected time to be home.
  6. Avoid alleys and be considerate by not walking through yards.
  7. Parents, inspect candy buckets before allowing the kiddos to dig into their treats.
  8. Avoid belly aches and ration the candy for the next week.