St. Patrick’s Day Festivities


This year, St. Patrick’s Day falls on a Friday, which mean Londoners enjoy a three-day weekend of green-centric celebrations. Most of the revelry will take place at bars and pubs throughout the province, especially those known for imported British beers. However, it’s a public holiday throughout Canadian providences including Newfoundland and Labrador. Massive parades take place in Montreal and Toronto, with the Montreal parade an annual event since 1824, but in London the parties are a little more low-key.

The very first Canadian celebration took place in 1759 after Irish soldiers in the British army found their way to New France. Throughout Canada, there are eclectic celebrations, such as the Irish Association of Manitoba’s three-day festival. Anyone who’s of Irish descent can find a way to make the most of this holiday, such as indulging in “colcannon” or Irish stew with root vegetables, cabbage, kale and lamb. Stout and whiskey are popular beverages.

St. Paddy’s in Ontario

While not a public holiday in Ontario, it simply means public transport, shopping and dining won’t be disturbed. You’ll find green decorations and shamrocks emblazoned across many shops, and popular dining destinations include Fionn MacCool’s and McCabe’s Irish Pub and Grill.

Fionn MacCool’s features pub fare like beer bread, warm chips and dips, and of course poutine. Try the shepherd’s pie mini yorkies, southern fish fry or fish ‘n’ chips. Other Irish favorites like Guinness steak and mushroom pie or butter chicken boxty are always popular picks.