The Best Food Delivery In London

Whether you’re spending more time in the hotel room due to COVID-19 or because you just don’t want to go out, enjoy food delivered straight to you from one of these delivery places!

The Best Food Delivery In London

Byron Pizza

In light of the coronavirus, Byron Pizza is offering contactless delivery, where you can have pizza, pasta, wings, or nachos delivered to your hotel room without having to come in contact with anyone.  Try their Belly Buster pizza, which is topped with nearly everything you could think of, or an order of chicken wings in one of their seven sauces.

Bangkok Pad Thai

If you’re craving some Thai food, Bangkok delivers across the entire city.  Enjoy Thai dumplings filled with chicken and mushrooms, a bowl of spicy red curry, or their chicken peanut pasta.  Don’t forget their Mango On The Moon dessert!

Shelby’s Food Express

There’s few things more comforting than a plate of shwarma.  Try their beef fajita-shwarma fusion, with onions and cheese topping the spiced meat, or opt for shwarma poutine to blend the Middle Eastern dish with a Canadian classic.  If you’re feeding multiple people, they have family packages so that everyone can try a few things.

Under The Volcano

If you’re looking for a bit of spice to warm you up, a plate of Mexican food from Under The Volcano will help.  The chorizo and black bean dip is a great way to start, followed by a burrito or quesadilla smothered in sauce.  Make sure you get an apple chimichanga to snack on later.

Winks Eatery

For those craving a big, juicy burger, Winks has you covered.  Try a pickle burger, topped with fried pickles and a sour cream sauce, or the more indulgent piggyback burger, which includes a patty, pulled pork, bacon, and a whiskey barbecue sauce.  For dessert, they have a white chocolate lava cake that is amazingly delicious.

You don’t have to miss out on great food just because you don’t want to go out – instead, order in the best!