Victoria Park

Victoria Park is an amazing green space in downtown London. This 18-acre park was a British garrison and cricket grounds site. Although this park was designated for recreational activities, it was still used as a military garrison when necessary. In 1907, three Crimean War cannons were placed in the park, and a statue was built in 1912 as a Boer War memorial. In 1950, a Sherman tank, or the “Holly Roller” from World War II, was also placed in the park.
Summertime in Vicotria Park brings fun festivals such as the Home County Folk Festival, a London tradition that brings popular craft vendors on site, and the Sun Fest, a huge free music festival. Both of these festivals take place inside Victoria Park in July. However, winter brings a fantastic outdoor skating rink, beautiful Christmas lights, and the amazing Year’s Eve celebration.
Victoria Pak is an excellent place for skateboarders to enjoy the skateboard park and find installations on the concrete pad inform of the band shell. Often referred to as Ledge Land, Victoria’s skateboard park is known for 18-inch concrete grind boxes, which advanced skateboarders and skaters like to take advantage of. Skating areas are open daily from 10:00 am to 10:00 pm and free for all!
If you need to stay connected during your park visit, don’t worry, as Victoria Park has free wifi and a charging station at the NW corner. And if you feel like doing a little shopping after a fun visit to the park, you can visit Richmond Row, which is only a few steps from the park and features terrific shops, great lounges/bars, and fabulous restaurants.

509 Clarence Street London, Canada