Museums You Absolutely Need To Visit

If you love history, you’ll love learning about London!

Museums You Absolutely Need To Visit

London has some great museums that cover different aspects of the city’s history, and you are going to want to visit them while you’re in town.  We chose our 5 favorites for you to make note of!

Banting House

Did you know insulin was invented in London?  Dr. Frederick Banting was living in London while he worked on his research that led to the formation of this life-saving drug, which is why his house, the Banting House, is often called “the birthplace of insulin”.  The house has been preserved by the Historical Society, and has a number of artifacts related to Banting’s work, as well as medicine in the time, and features plenty of stunning historical furniture so that you can more easily picture what life was like at the time.

Eldon House

The Eldon House, built in 1834, is the oldest continued residence in London and was, in its time, the center of societal life.  Now, the house and the eleven acres on which it stands are marked as a place of historical significance, and are carefully preserved to show visitors about live in the mid to late 1800s.    The gardens are absolutely stunning and the house itself is a wonderful combination of Georgian and Regency architecture.

Museum London

Museum London is devoted to preserving tangible pieces of London’s history, often in the forms of china, ceramics, pottery, and art.  It also pays tribute to the indigenous people who lived on the land before the arrival of settlers.  With 10 galleries located in the building, it’s easy to spend all day wandering through the exhibits, particularly the “Ways Of Being” exhibit, which explores indigenous connections to the physical world.

Museum of Ontario Archaeology

This museum is dedicated to the archaelogical discoveries made in the province of Ontario, and the knowledge scientists have gleaned from the artifacts.  Located on the remains of a 4000 year old campsite, the museum has a special focus on the history of the First Nations people, down to having a replica Iroquoian village on site for you to visit and explore.

Fanshawe Pioneer Village

This village replicates the villages built by early settlers, and provides the site for historical re-enactments.  With 33 buildings spread over 46 acres, you’ll have the opportunity to see a schoolhouse, log cabin, blacksmith shop, and even printing press!  Some of the artifacts on display are genuine while others are replicas, but you’ll walk away having seen everything from furniture and tools to clothes and art!

Embrace history while you’re in London and enjoy a wonderful dinner after a full museum day!